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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She's Done!

Much has happened since I began working on the Rose of Sharron - Jackson Dinky. I have become a "Goodie" once more with the birth of a brand new Grand Diva! Little Miss Daisy Marie was born one week ago.

My beautiful son Zero and his beautiful daughter Daisy

Daisy Marie

She is beautiful and looks the spit'n image of her mom!

Today is the 10th birthday of my eldest grandson Xander too...

Xander & Daisy
and... Rose of Sharron is FINISHED!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Rose of Sharron

Kat found this Jackson Dinky for me. It was in pretty rough shape with lots of dings and even “HOMIE” carved through the clear coat… shame.. what a shame!

Hours and hours of sanding revealed a beautiful green grain running through the wood.

Roughing out the design on the face of the body. A better view of the green grain.

Many hours of finger sanding… ooooo my poor thumb and shoulder...

Mahogany wash and more sanding.

The first part of the clear coat process begins… now we wait for a couple of days… 

Rose of Sharron
# 006
Jackson Dinky

Monday, August 5, 2013

Snack Bowls

Snack bowls for the grandmonsters... Xander walked home wear'n his on his head!

Dog Bowls

My dogs would not care if I put their food in shoeboxes as long as they get fed! I like to feed them out of stainless steel bowls because I can wash them thoroughly and sanitize them in the dishwasher too. I have been engraving and carving on various surfaces and thought... why not... I hope my babies like their upcycled bowls...

For Henry... I quickly learned that I didn't like this lettering

For Wishbone... stippled lettering... well... okay...

For Meka... stippling outside of the lettering... 
I wasn't thrilled with working on these particular bowls only because the shape was difficult to hold and engrave.