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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Our New Baybee!!!

Big Daddy surprised me this morning with a new addition to the family! Meet Miss Callie Jean Price!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sinkers or Floaters?

I am so thankful for my family and for the blessings that Ya has so abundantly poured out on us. Zero and CoCo joined us to celebrate Pesach (Passover). Listening to the children as they read along and repeat the blessings just makes my heart spill over with joy.
Documented proof that my matzo balls are floaters!

My girls preparing the table for the seder.

Can you tell they like purple?

Next year in the rebuilt Jerusalem!!
For my friends that celebrate Easter tomorrow... may Ya bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you....


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She is finally here!

Catherine Olivia Cline - 8 lbs - April 19, 2011
Happy Birthday Beautiful Catherine!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wish'n the Weekend Could Last...

With only 13 weeks left before I am a free woman, I can't seem to get a handle on accomplishing all I need to to finish school. I had great plans for the weekend and didn't realize a single one. Big Daddy pulled me out of the house for a drive on Saturday and to visit several pet supply stores. He does know how to cheer me up.
Thanks to Tina for posting the knitted ball project. I was needing something to be able to "finish" so that I could feel better.
This is a fun and fast project. I think I may knit a few more pieces to add to it and make it tighter.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Within Spit'n Distance!

Neil helping me download photos. She supervises all of activities that take place in my studio...
I'm making progress on CoCo's afgan. I am ready to remove it from the Beast and start the long hours of handwork.

Unravel two stitches all the way down leaving 4 rows unraveled

Latch up 2 row (2 strands) up until there are 4 remaining rows (strands)

Latch up the 4 remaining rows individually

Secure the loops at the top

Danny approves!

Spooky & Crazy

One must reason that there may be a problem when one sister is called Spooky and the other is Crazy... hummm... Well I won't get into the reasons why exactly, but then why on earth would parents name two of their daughters Carlene and Carla? I suppose after awhile one just runs out of names or creativity. No matter...

1991- This hang in mom's kitchen for years. Mother hated that hat and could not believe that Spooky wore it for the drawing. Miss you mom.  

My sister Spooky and I are both March babies--sixteen years apart... Pissy Pieces if you will. Spooky (Carlene) was born on the 12th and 16 years later, Crazy (me) was born on the 9th. Needless to say when we lived closer to one another, we did not narrow our celebration down to simply one or two days... oooo no no no! We had Birthday Month! Then I moved to Oklahoma and we rarely got to see each other. I accused her of planning to be out of town when she knew I was coming to Texas... Not true, but it seemed that every time I was able to make it down, she was out-of-pocket.
Well, I have been back in Texas for more than a year and due to scheduling problems, we had not seen each other until yesterday. This was at IHOP for our birthday lunch... a month after.

I miss her so much... sigh... When I was working in Hillsboro as an optician, I would drive past her house on my way home every evening. More evenings than not, she would have supper ready for me or a cup of coffee, or cocoa. Now, I love my sister and that is the absolute truth... One of the meals she loved to make for me was potato soup. I never told her that her potato soup sucked nuggets, but I would eat it anyway. Her company and the fact that she loves me enough to cook for me was worth sucking down that nasty stuff. I would still eat her potato soup with the greatest relish just for the opportunity to visit with her in her kitchen filled with roosters and hens and overflowing with sisterly love.

Catherine Olivia is STILL not here! O my she is really a stubborn girl... she takes after the rest of the women in this family and making a fashionably late entrance. My Kat was almost a month late and my niece Amy Lue (Mangie Woo) was a month overdue! The wait is well worth it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

15 Weeks!

Today is the first day of the third to the last class I have to complete my BBS/HRM... yessssssssssss! Only 15 weeks to go!!!!

Another plus is that I completed the handwork on several projects and am preparing to get them out of the house and to their new homes.

Catherine Olivia's Strawberry Milkshake Blanket and her Diamond car seat blankie are good to go, but I am debating on putting them into the mail or just wait until she makes an appearance. Which can be at any moment!

I finished Zero's scarf, but he won't get it until his birthday in October. Now I just need to make a couple of beanie hats to go with it.

Big Daddy and I picked up the yarn for CoCo's afgan and I plan on starting it tomorrow.
Antique White

Caron One Pound Deep Violet 547

Caron One Pound Lilac 577

I finished Hudson's blanket several weeks ago and only need to get it in the mail.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Someone With Autism Loves ME!

I have my blue lights ready!

Light It Up Blue

I'm Sposed to be Study'n...

My poor babies, (Eden & Charlie) both are so not feeling well. The past 2... no... three weeks has really been rough on them and in turn on me and their mom. Eden has had sinus problems sin birth and is getting over a double ear infection and this morning, Charlie came into my office, his little chubby cheeks all aglow and told me his ears were hurting too. Enough already! Sunday night he came in to kiss his old Goodie goodnight and just as soon as his lips parted from my cheek... he said... "I don't feel good." crapola! I immediately started to wash my face and hands... 
Of course he was urping by the time the bus arrived on Monday morning. Big Daddy has been all urpy too... double crap! Lord love their little hearts... and Lord, please don't let me get it... 
All I have left to complete Catherine Olivia's blanket is to steam it and I am... or I was almost finished with her car-seat blankie. That is until Charlie decided to frog part of it for me. AKKKKKkkk! My fault for leaving it on the sofa... grrrrrrrrrrr me...
I cannot be mad at the little sick darlin... at least... not for long. Funny, I must be mellowing somewhat in my old age, because I sure could hold a mad against my children for awhile when they did something like that. Or, my grandmonsters simply are less irritating than their parents... hmmmm... Anyway, they are down for a nap and I should be using this time to work on finals for my business law class, but here I am. Yes, I have been looking at crochet and knitting patterns online. Hey, it is not my fault. Someone emailed me a link to a free pattern and I went to download it and there were other free patterns... even more since the last time I was looking... so of course I had to download them all... o gawd I have to get control of my OCD!
O yes, I had an email from Artsonia too. Charlie has two new pieces of artwork posted.
Line Turtle by Charles Bolin (age 7)
I am so dig'n this turtle!!

Wild Things by Charles Bolin (age 7)
I so hope this is not a depiction of his old Goodie in the mornings...