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Fancy Pancy Sweater Pattern

Back Panel

Pull forward 45 needles and hang rag hem


Knit 1 row of ravel cord

Double e-wrap with contrasting yarn for bottom rib (this sweater begins with 10 rows of hot pink yarn)

Knit 10 rows and convert to 2X1 ribbing

Knit 60 rows with main yarn and cut the yarn

Pull all of the needles to forward nonworking position

Chest Panel

On the left side of the main body, pull forward 25 empty needles and hang rag hem.

Knit 1 row of idiot string

Double e-wrap with main yarn and knit 30 rows and convert to 1X1 ribbing

The chest panel and the back panel should be hanging side by side on the knitting bed.

Reduce the amount of stitches from 75 needles (30 for the chest panel+ 45 for the back panel) evenly across to 54 needles. This is where a garter bar comes in handy. If you don’t have one the stitches can be removed on a circular needle and re-hung evenly to equal 54 stitches.



Knit 20 rows with the contrasting yarn (hot pink)

I worked the first row manually just to keep from dropping stitches.

Convert the neckband to 1X1 ribbing and cast off.


Mattress stitch the neck band and about 3 rows of the main body and then skip 3 inches of the chest panel and back panel selvages to create openings for the front legs.

Using a size H crochet hook and the contrasting yarn (hot pink), single crochet around the leg edge and the bottom of the chest and back panels.

Fancy is about the size of a regular chihuahua. The back piece = 12"X12" , the neck (around the shoulders not the throat, but where the pink ribbing starts)=9". The chest piece =@ 4"X7" after the 1 by 1 ribbing is complete. KP3 for the body and KP2 for the neck ribbing.