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Danny Sweater


Dog Sweater --- Tuxedo style with Medium front and Short sleeves
Single Band collar

Pattern File Name: Danny Boy 1
Size: Miniature Schnauzer (M) for: Daniel Patrick Galvan (Granddog)

Date started: 1/3/2012           Finished: * 1/5/2012

Worsted weight scraps

   Gauge (Stocking stitch over 4 in = 10 cm): 20.0 sts by 26.0 rows.
      Body knit by Bond/ISM/USM using KP3
      Ribbing knit by Bond/ISM/USM using KP2

FINISHED DIMENSIONS: (ins): ... with Moderate fit.
             Chest:  16.3        Neck Width:   9.9           Armhole:   4.9
      Bottom Width:   6.5     Collar Length:   1.0     Sleeve Length:   1.0
       Back Length:  12.2                             Slv Rib Length:   1.0
      Front Length:   8.3
   Back Rib Length:   1.0

Note:  Read ALL these instructions thoroughly BEFORE starting to knit.  The pattern may call for more needles than you have on your machine. 

NOTE:  At most, 84 needles are required to knit this garment.

1.  Cast on 62 sts in WY, using open edge method and KP3.  Knit 6 rows, ending COR.  Change to MY.  RC000. 
2.  Work 2 rows in Stocking stitch.  Inc 1 st at each end on next and every following 2nd row 10 times more, to total 84 sts.  Work even to total 30 rows.  COR. 
3.  Armholes (leg openings).  Starting at RH edge, leave the first 9 needles in WP, then bind off next 8 sts.  Place the next 50 needles in HP, bind off next 8 sts, and place the remaining 9 needles in HP. Using claw weights as necessary to maintain tension, work the first (RH) panel even for 12 rows.  (Total 42 rows.)  Place these needles in HP, move the center panel needles to WP and work an equal number of rows on them.  Put the center panel needles to HP, bring the end (LH) panel needles to WP and work the same number of rows on them.
4.  Next row, to close the leg openings.  Bring all the needles to FWP with the latches open (loosely e-wrap the empty needles).  Knit carefully across the row, ensuring that all 84 sts are picked up properly. 
5.  Work even for 11 rows more.  Total 54 rows.  COR. 
6.  Back Shaping.  Transfer 10 sts to waste yarn at the beginning of the next two rows.  Work two rows even.  Decrease 1 st at each end of next and every following row 14 times more until 34 sts remain.  Total 73 rows.  COR.  Work even to total 80 rows.  Cut yarn.  **Knit 6 rows WY. 

** (Here is where the pattern has you knit 6 rows of WY and then flip the sweater upside down and knit the collar… hmmm… I just picked up the rest of the bottom stitches and knitted the hem)
1.  With wrong side of work facing, hook the MY sts onto 52 needles, (putting 2 sts onto 10 needles evenly spaced across the row, and 1 st on all other needles), and using KP3 knit 1 row.  Thread every other st to WY and push the empty needles into NWP.  Hang weights.
2.  Change to KP2 and knit 8 rows.
3.  Convert to 1x1 rib using latchet tool.  Cast off loosely.

Note:  Due to the length and shape of the back, you may not be able to stretch the entire section to fit on the machine bed at once, in which case it should be worked in two or more pieces.  The finished garment will look better if you make the breaks on the underside.  Alternatively, the ribbing could be knit by hand. 
1.  Bring 94 needles out to WP.  With wrong side of work facing,  and starting at center front seam, pick up 10 sts along the front cast off edge, 20 sts along the back shaping, 34 sts from the holder, 20 sts along the back shaping, and 10 sts from the front cast off edge.  Using MY and KP2 knit 1 row. 
2.  Work in 1x1 rib for 6 rows.  COR.  Cast off loosely.

SLEEVES: (I hand knitted the 1X1 ribbing for 6 rows. The following are for knitting on the USM and then attaching them to the sweater body)
1.  Cast on 34sts in MY, using closed edge method and KP2. 
2.  Work in 1x1 rib for 8 rows.  COR.  Cast off loosely.
3.  Work second sleeve as for first. 

1.  Sew center front seam, from top of collar to beginning of back shaping (including bottom hem).  Sew the sleeve seam, then sew the sleeve pieces to the body of the sweater. 
2.  Optional.  To keep the back end of the sweater in place, attach a piece of elastic, stretchy knitted cord or a thin knitted band (approx. 4.9 ins long) on each side from the back corner to just in front of the back leg.  Adjust as necessary. 
3.  Sew in all loose ends.

---  WARNING.  THIS IS A ROUGH ESTIMATE ONLY.  Measure a sample piece for a more accurate calculation. 
   Amount needed: 
                   1.9 for body
                   0.5 for ribbing
               2.4  Ounces TOTAL


Pattern designed by: TxDove
with KNITWARE DESIGN  (Version 2.50.2) from Morningdew Consulting Services Ltd
    ph: (250)652-4097  fax: (250)652-5285  web:  email: