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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Beef Bone... Bone Nut... or My First and Last Umhmmm!

When I mentioned to Zero that I was going to try my hand at bone carving, he got all excited and requested that I make a bone nut for Dead Pool. I’m pretty game at trying new things and said I would… and yes, I rarely say “No” to my baby boy. According to CoCo, I have never said no to that boy. So I took measurements and cut a bone blank using my trusty Dremel… and took more measurements.

I spent the better part of one day just making the damn bone nut… losing the tip of my left index finger to the power sander trying to get the damned thing squared up. Ok, not the tip exactly, but a chunk about the size of a sesame seed and part of the tip of my fingernail. Which get’s hit every time I breathe… If you knew the level of pain I am suffering just typing this right now you would hang your head in sympathy for me… trust me… I am.

Day 2, Zero comes down and we begin the process of fitting the bone nut. He cuts the grooves for the strings. and get’s it mounted on Dead Pool… He is quite happy with the results. I… well I don’t know the difference… (I hope you realize just how many times I have to hit the keys with my wounded finger… )

Not being a musician, I had no idea what a bone nut was until recently. Yet, according to Zero… this bone nut is way cool. I told him that in the future when he needed a nut… I would gladly purchase it for him and I would never, ever… and I mean ever make another one.

Then I went and did it… I went and Googled bone nuts…. BONE NUTS COSTS LESS THAN $10…

I asked him why? Why would you have me make you a bone nut when in most cases they cost less than 5 bucks??? He said, “Mom, you made Dead Pool for me, and I wanted you to make the bone nut.” Okay… that did it for me… I suppose it was worth the loss of my DNA on the powersander… and it made him happy... and that is what counts in my world...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pyrex Dishes and Itchy Dust!

I am out of guitar bodies to carve and am waiting to clear coat 2 guitars due to the threat of rain. So in the mean time I have been trying to catch up on some glass work.

I learned my lesson a few weeks ago about how to dress appropriately while carving and etching glass. I had glass dust in my hair and down my tank top… not a pleasant feeling to say the least!

Today, it was a blue bandana, high collar shirt, face mask, safety glasses, and ear protection. I am so a sexy beast when I work. The neighbors always do a double take when they pass by the garage where I’m working. Yep, I’m the crazy lady that seems to live in her garage…
I'm not real happy with this pattern, but hey... it is a dove!
Kat has been after me to bake her a pumpkin pie... a pumpkin pie plate will have to do!
Grandma is another word for love! This is for my sister Spooky.
For Kat... I'm spoiling her...
Just because I liked it...

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I really dig lions… always have. When Zero brought the Lyon guitar to me the first thing I thought was I have to carve a lion… and Judah is the result.
A bit beaten up but still in decent shape
Roughing out the design
I thought I was done.... but ummm no...
Removed the textured background and added some cherry stain to the mane.
Added black stain for depth
Reworked the mouth
Rubbed down the stain to to lighten and used steel brush to texture the stain.

Ok... now I'm satisfied... on to clear coating...