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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big Daddy... my hero!

I prefer to stand when I knit on the USM, and to sit when I am doing hand manipulations like eyelets or ribbing. Unfortunately, the table was not tall enough to allow me to knit comfortably either way. So Big Daddy to the rescue!

He cut 4 lengths of pipe to slide onto the legs of the table. Then he drilled holes 1/2 though the 2X4 to add stability to the legs and to protect the carpet. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Catherine Olivia's Strawberry Milkshake Blanket

I am within spit'n distance of completing Catherine's blanket. Just need to crochet the trim and steam it... Yeah I shall finish it before she gets here! 

Before I can make the blanket, I had to knit up a rag hem that would keep the work weighted properly... It just happened to be pink!

Two carriages were used in the making of the blanket

Through out the process I regularly received advice from Kat and Eden.

Close up of the drop-stitch conversion.

I don't care for strawberry milkshakes myself, but this reminds me of  how the milkshakes look at Fuddruckers.

Monday, March 14, 2011

I'm still here!!

Sheesh! I'm tired... Big Daddy was gone last week to San Diego... I won't mention that he was gone ON MY BIRTHDAY! I did use the time wisely, especially since I could not sleep. I have been watching Cheryl Brunettes videos on YouTube and I broke in the Beast and finished a blanket for Monica and Big John's soon-to-be here little bundle of joy.
The Beast's first project

Friday, March 4, 2011

O You Sessy Beast!

Where have I been? I promise that I have been fondling yarn and ciphering graphs and patterns, but I have been too tired to do much else. Over the past year I have slipped into a major funk, tired all the time... hurting all of the time... and dare I say it... a smitch bit moody.
A few weeks ago, my knees totally rebelled and would not cooperate with my need to travel up and down the stairs. My fingers were so stiff and sore that I was not enjoying the gift of knitting or crocheting. The bouts of depression were really starting to worry me. Mom had rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis and although I knew that I have arthritis in my knees and back, I was really starting to get concerned when the pain worsened and was constant so I caved and went to see the doctor.
The tests were ordered and I was so sure that the doctor thought that the pain was all in my head... well he did mention that "depression hurts"... and yes, that pissed me off. So they siphoned an ungodly amount of my bodily fluids... found that I had a UTI... I was hurting so bad everywhere else that I didn't realize that I had the infection... Well, the results are in and I am thankful to learn that I do not have rheumatoid arthritis. What I do have is a Vitamin D deficiency. Normal levels are above 30 and my level is 10. Well I am taking supplements to correct the problem and expect to start feeling better soon... come on soon...
The reason that I am sharing this with you that often Vitamin D deficiency is over looked. My doctor told me that at this time, I don't have enough Vitamin D to help protect me from cancer. The symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency for me includes: tingling in my hands, wrists, and legs, constant pain, traveling pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, migraines, memory loss, unable to concentrate, joint pain, IBS, depression, moodiness, and inability to think clearly.
If you are experiencing anything like this please talk to your doctor about the possibility of a Vitamin D deficiency.


I want you to see my beauty... which I call "The Beast"

Big Daddy found it online for $129

2 extensions and 2 USM's = THE BEAST!

The board that THE BEAST is mounted to = 8 foot in length

Kat told me to either wear roller skates or get an electric wheelchair to operate the length of  THE BEAST!