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Friday, December 23, 2011

Adult Earflap Hat for Munchie

This earflap hat is based on Roberta Rose Kelley's design. The earflaps and brim are double-thick and warm. Remember MY NOTES are just that... my notes... Check out Roberta's video on YouTube! She is AWESOME!!!!



Worsted weight yarn scraps
Open cast on: 80 needles
K 20 rows
Short row the earflaps
K20 rows
Join the brim with the beginning open cast on
Reset counter to 0
K 28 rows
Row 29: Decrease by 1/2
Row 30: K
Repeat rows 29 & 30 until there are @ 10 stitches remaining
Cut yarn (leaving enough to stitch up the top of the hat, the back edge, and the brim)
Slip the remaining stitches on the tapestry needle and draw up then stitch the edge and brim

Hang 4 stitches from the bottom of the earflap and I-cord 100 rows for each tie

Sunday, December 18, 2011

USM Furish Hats

KP3-45 needles (EON) - Crochet CO - K 30 rows - Reduce by 1/2 EOR to @ 10 stitches - Gather & sew side

Using 2 strands of Lion Brand Fun Fur (Black/Silver)

KP3-45 needles (EON) - Crochet CO - K 30 rows - Reduce by 1/2 EOR to @ 10 stitches - Gather & sew side
This makes a tighter and smaller hat.

Haute Fur by Hobby Lobby
KP3-40 needles (EON) - Crochet CO - K 25 rows - Reduce by 1/2 EOR to @ 10 stitches - Gather & sew side
This makes a looser more airy hat.

OCD Obsessive Crochet Disorder: Galvan Name Doily for CoCo

OCD Obsessive Crochet Disorder: Galvan Name Doily for CoCo

OCD Obsessive Crochet Disorder: Eden's Reversible Slouch

OCD Obsessive Crochet Disorder: Eden's Reversible Slouch: My Dearest Eden had to have a hat to go with the cheerleading skirt that I knitted for her. This one is reversible and crocheted using basic...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Melon Head

I spotted this yarn while shopping for something for Big Daddy and I just just JUST had to have it. It is so soft and cozy. Alas... as I was knitting it up into a slouch for me, it curiously took on the appearance of a watermelon. O well... 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Xman Sideways Cable Hat

He is growing up so fast!

Worsted weight yarn
Hang rag hem on 30 needles
Knit 1 row of ravel cord
Knit 90 rows of main yarn (make cable every 10 stitches on the left side)
(Cable: drop and latch up 4th stitch from the left of knitting, 3X3 cable, drop and latch up next stitch)
Knit 8 rows of waste yarn
Remove from USM
Kitchener beginning and ending rows together
Remove waste yarn and ravel cord
Pick up 90 stitches (size 5 circular needles) (main yarn) along the right side of the knitting
Row 1:Stockinette stitch first row decreasing 10 stitches evenly around the hat (80 stitches)
Row 2: K2 tog, knit 2. Repeat
Row 3: K all stitches
Repeat rows 2 & 3 until there are approximately 10 stitches on the needle
Cut main yarn leaving @ 10 inch tail, thread onto needle and slip the remaining stitches to draw up
Weave in tail
Pick up 90 stitches on the bottom of the hat using contrasting yarn
Row 1: K2, P2 (decreasing 10 stitches evenly around the hat (80 stitches) (2X2 ribbing)
Continue rib for 1 to 1/2 inches
Bind off using a stretchy bind off and weave in yarn ends


Lightweight or baby yarn
Hang rag hem on 35 needles
Knit 1 row of ravel cord
Knit 90 rows of main yarn and place a marker.
Knit 120 rows of main yarn and place a marker.
Knit 90 rows of main yarn
Knit 8 rows of waste yarn
Remove from USM
Kitchener the beginning row and the last row to form a tube
Fold in half making sure the markers placed at rows 90 and 210 meet
Blanket stitch and gently gather the back of the TurBeanie
Pick up 180 stitches on the open (front or face side) edge of the hat using size 3 circular needles
Row 1: K2 loops together (2 times), P2 loops together (2 times) Repeat across creating a 2X2 ribbing for a couple of rows then bind off using a stretchy bind off.
Weave in loose ends.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Super Quick Sideways Slouch for Charlie

This is another version of the Sideways Slouch knit on the USM for Charlie. The hand knit band did not photograph well. 


CO 40 needles
Knit several rows of waste yarn
Knit 90 rows of main color
Knit several rows of waste yarn and remove from USM
Kitchener stitch beginning and ending rows of main yarn to form a tube
Remove waste yarn
Gather one edge to create the top of the hat
* Pick up stitches along the bottom of the hat with contrasting color (size 5 circular needles). Make sure to mark the beginning of the row.
Knit 2 rows of 2X2 ribbing
Switch to size 3 circular needles and continue ribbing for 1 to 2 inches as desired.
Bind off using a stretchy bind off.

*Purl side is the right side in this version of the hat so remember to pick up the stitches for the band with the purl side facing out so that the seam will be facing the knit side (inside of the hat)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Sideways Slouch

The Sideways Slouch is basically a rectangle knitted on EON (30R;30L), Kitchener stitched on the beginning and ending row... gathered on one edge and an 8 row 1X1 hand knit ribbing. KP4... Worsted Wt yarn.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh My Aching Back!!

I took a lil trip... well I was tripped... Meka decided that she wanted to go outside and I was not cooperating so she tried to change my direction since she could not change my mind. I ended up meeting the dining room floor with a goodly thump! I was getting ready for a dinner date with Big Daddy. It was time for him to get home so I had unlocked the door and headed back to the bathroom to complete my toilet (Ok... the first layer of paint had dried and I was gonna apply a second coat).
Well... you know how they say, "it happend so fast that I didn't know what to do"... well... to me it seemed to be happening so slow that I had the presence of mind to think about what I had heard someone say years ago about when you are falling... try to roll... ya know... like parachuters do... to lessen the impact... So... I tried to roll.. ummm no... didn't help... well it did allow for more of me to make contact with the floor... and twist my already hurting back.
My next thought was... "O SNARF!! I have to get up before Big Daddy gets home!!" Well... my back locked up and the newly skint knee (the good knee... I have arthritis in the other knee.. which is dubbed my bad knee... ) was throbbing... not to mention the elbow that was screaming... Alas... Big Daddy found me rolling somewhat and what does he want of me? TO GET UP! Well don't you think that if I could get up...  o never mind...
Now I'm walk'n like Tim Conway's Old Man Shuffle and making old lady noises... but... there is a silver lining... I'm getting in some hand knitting time!

Boo's hat

Top of hat
I finished a pair of wool slipper socks for Big Daddy... this is the first time I've used Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel technique and I love it!

Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel is knit in wedges

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hat for Boo

Finally found an opportunity to start on Boo's slouch hat. I am using a pattern that I found on Ralvery called Etta by Kim Whelan

UPDATE January 4, 2012

Boo received her hat and emailed me a photo of herself wearing it...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gooooo Teammmm!!!

Eden has been wanting a cheerleader outfit and being a dye'd in the wool Bulldog (Royal Blue & White) it was really difficult to purchase Gladiator (gold & black) colors to make it for her. Alas... a Goodie's heart will suffer anything for her Grand Diva!
I'm almost finished with the skirt and still need to design or settle on a cardi or a pullover for the top.
I just have to add a waist band

Cheer skirt: KP 2. Knit on 50 needles

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moved, Unpacked... and Back to Knit'n!!

Almost finished with the move... well with the unpacking that is. My yarns are safely snuggled in their resting places and I have even been able to start some projects. I wanted some claw weights but have not been able to find any to suit my needs... so polymer clay to the rescue! 

Polymer clay claw weights (adjustable)

1X1 and 2X2 latchhook ribbers

Adult Slouch hat based upon Diana Knatter's Short Row Baby Hat 
KP .3 for the main hat and KP 1 for the ribbing

and a ruffled scarf made from Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee CHRYSALIS (Bog Copper # 112) for my dear Sprite!
Link for sweetside

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It is Official... The Beast is Packed Up!!

The bulk of my yarn and jewelry making supplies were packed last week... I've had a bad case of the shakes ever since my babies were boxed up! I've been trying to finish up a few projects so they can be shipped to their new homes. Yesterday was Xander's 8th birthday and I did get his afgan completed on time to send it home with Zero today. Originally, it was going to be a blanket for his bed but time did not allow me making it any bigger. Next time little man...

The Beast is resting comfortably in 4 sections in a box ready to travel to his new home. I have told myself that I will need to get the rest of the house in order before I allow myself to reassemble him... we all know that I am just fool'n myself...

GASP!!!! I think I heard him calling my name from his box in the corner!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oops Slippers & Completed Little T

In my never ending quest to use up as much of my stash as possible... my "So that I don't have to pack it!" plan... I finally completed Little T's blanket. Unfortunately, I found a bag with an old slipper in it that was given to me by one of the kiddo's therapist.

She had an old pair of worn out slippers that she loved and wanted me to see if I could repair them. They were worn well past their good use and so I told her I would knit or crochet her another pair.... OOOPS I FORGOT!!! So in-between packing, school, and trying to survive this lovely hot weather I completed a pair of slippers in her favorite color.

Oops Slipper NOTES
I am not adept at writing out my patterns. Please read completely and feel free to contact me for clarification.

Plasti Dip can be applied to create a non-slip bottom for slippers

Little T's Blanket FINALLY FINISHED!
Crochet'd point edging

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Too Much to Do... and Too Little Time to Do IT!

Well it is official... we are moving this month and I am feeling a bit overwhelmed... OK A LOT OVERWHELMED!! I am in my last 5 weeks of school and moving week is also finals week. I so need to strangle my event planner!!
As part of the moving process, I am trying to get rid of some of the extras and scale down so I won't have to pack it and tote it to the new place. I'm finding it downright impossible to pack my knitting stuff. I need it... I must have it...
I have been trying to use up some scraps and odds n ends on quickie projects... and face it... I MUST KNIT! So I make these lil bargains with myself... pack 3 boxes and you can knit for 30 minutes... shampoo the carpet in one room and you get an hour!!
I also worry about setting up my new workroom space so we went over to the new place and measured. Big Daddy was focused on where to put the projector and screen... me... I was mentally arranging where the Beast was going to go and where I am gonna store my supplies...

A few of my scrap projects this week

Fuzzy hat for a friend taking chemo

cute but really hot

Watermelon scrap hat... I may make seeds out of polymer clay or use buttons for seeds

A hat for Xander

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pastel Scrap Hat for Eden

I am trying to use up as much of my scraps as possible so I won't have to pack it for the move... yep... that sounds like a good excuse as any to justify how much I am knitting.