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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wool Dryer Balls

I quit using fabric softener sheets a long time ago. Well, I quit purchasing fabric softener sheets a long time ago. I just did not feel right adding more chemicals into our living space, but still didn't care too much for having my clothes hug me in an unseemly manner. I have tried the DIY softener sheets using coffee filters and Shaklee fabric softener liquid, rags soaked in liquid fabric softener, and those really loud banging around in my dryer plasticish balls that have the sponge inside of them. I must admit, I have not been too impressed.
This weekend I made my own set of wool dryer balls.

Wound and secured

Prepared for washing

Washed & dried 3 times to felt
Wool dryer balls are supposed to save money, energy, and drying time. They contain no unwanted chemicals and are made of 100% Pure virgin wool containing natural oils.
I used Fisherman's Wool from Lion Brand Yarn. The color I had on hand was Oatmeal.


  1. You should just mention that you take them out of the pantyhose when you actually use them :)
    You can also start the middles with whatever yarn you wish, from what I hear.
    I haven't used fabric softener in years either. What I do to avoid static though is to take the polyester type clothes out before they are totally dry--they only need a few minutes in the dryer while other stuff can take forever. This prevents the polyester from baking and building up static. But sometimes I forget and end up with the laundry sticking to the wall as I throw it out of the dryer, LOL.

  2. LOL, I just love static! I have a Siberian Husky that is in the middle of blowing her coat so if I am not careful, we all wear red and white fur.