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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big Daddy... my hero!

I prefer to stand when I knit on the USM, and to sit when I am doing hand manipulations like eyelets or ribbing. Unfortunately, the table was not tall enough to allow me to knit comfortably either way. So Big Daddy to the rescue!

He cut 4 lengths of pipe to slide onto the legs of the table. Then he drilled holes 1/2 though the 2X4 to add stability to the legs and to protect the carpet. 


  1. Hi Carla, TaDah!! you are my first (and, so far, only) follower! Thanks! I feel so... well... validated. Your site looks wonderful and I learned about BOND knitting, I had never heard of that. What an impressive machine! Hug, Willeke

  2. Stick with me kid and I'll teach you things you NEVER wanted to know.. o wait... I think I said that wrong! I love, love, love my USM! Not only is it a great machine, but it has introduced me to a great group of crafty people. Now that you know about it, you will never be the same... LOL!