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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Magic Squarish-Rectangly Thang for Vivian

Been working on a hat/scarf/cowl for Vivian's birthday. I'm in love with the feel of Yarn Bee Infatuation yarn. The finished fabric feels just so soft and warm that everyone wants to cuddle it. Viv's favorite color is purple and while you cannot tell from the photos, half is knit in Deep Sapphire and half in Orchid Haze. 

While you are at it, take a look at my new head model. Yes, I got it simply because it looks so much like my nephew Zade. 

1. Snap under the chin

2. Fold up and snap

Or, snap to wear as a cowl
Drop every 4th needle and unravel to the beginning row

I just found these wonderful Finishing Needles from Susan Bates at Hobby Lobby and I just had to share them with you. I do like to knit with various types of specialty yarns and often cannot thread the standard tapestry needles. This particular yarn is difficult to thread up on a regular tapestry needle in because of the little textures squares and fuzzies. Susan Bates Finishing needles make weaving a breeze.



CO 79

K 30 rows one color

Change yarn

K 30 rows

OR: K 60 rows one color


Drop every 4th needle and unravel to beginning row (NOTE NOTE: This particular yarn can be stubborn to unravel. Take your time, be patient, it will happen... eventually)

Crochet bind off

Weave in yarn ends

Add 3 snaps or 3 buttons (beginning row, 30th row, and ending row)

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