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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sanding and Clean Up - Star of David

Today I've pretty much accomplished dropping the depth of the Star of David plate project. This particular project is has been a long time coming. The plate was started in December of 2010 as a gift for my Billy. I got the wood-burning done and he died (1-6-2012) before I could finish it. After three moves, I unpacked the box it was in and decided that I really need to complete the project.

Today is Mother's Day... one year since I moved into the house... Kat woke me with chocolate covered strawberries and a pot of coffee for breakfast. If Billy were here he would have gathered the grandmonsters and made a pancake breakfast for all of us moms... This year he is probably making his pancakes for our moms in heaven...

CoCo likes the rough carved look so I will not smooth down the  inside of the Star

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