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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

She's ALIVE!!!

I feel like Doctor Frankenstein! Ok, maybe not so much but I’m a little bit proud of myself. I have been wanting… rather needing a dust collector for my workshop… and by workshop I mean… garage.

I do the majority of my work in the garage year round. Yep, in the boiling Texas summer heat and in the winter too. Wood carving produces a great deal of dust and this dust ranges from tiny particles to slivers and chunks of wood. Sanding is the biggest source of tiny floating particles that somehow finds its way to the very back bedroom. I run a contractors Shop Vac when I use the band saw, scroll saw and oscillating sander.

I have been watching YouTube videos on how to make my very own cyclone-ish dust collector. The result is this…

Her name is Francis…

I even made a rolling crate for Francis… she’s an animal… see the zebra duct tape!!

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