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Friday, October 4, 2013

Pyrex Dishes and Itchy Dust!

I am out of guitar bodies to carve and am waiting to clear coat 2 guitars due to the threat of rain. So in the mean time I have been trying to catch up on some glass work.

I learned my lesson a few weeks ago about how to dress appropriately while carving and etching glass. I had glass dust in my hair and down my tank top… not a pleasant feeling to say the least!

Today, it was a blue bandana, high collar shirt, face mask, safety glasses, and ear protection. I am so a sexy beast when I work. The neighbors always do a double take when they pass by the garage where I’m working. Yep, I’m the crazy lady that seems to live in her garage…
I'm not real happy with this pattern, but hey... it is a dove!
Kat has been after me to bake her a pumpkin pie... a pumpkin pie plate will have to do!
Grandma is another word for love! This is for my sister Spooky.
For Kat... I'm spoiling her...
Just because I liked it...

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