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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spooky & Crazy

One must reason that there may be a problem when one sister is called Spooky and the other is Crazy... hummm... Well I won't get into the reasons why exactly, but then why on earth would parents name two of their daughters Carlene and Carla? I suppose after awhile one just runs out of names or creativity. No matter...

1991- This hang in mom's kitchen for years. Mother hated that hat and could not believe that Spooky wore it for the drawing. Miss you mom.  

My sister Spooky and I are both March babies--sixteen years apart... Pissy Pieces if you will. Spooky (Carlene) was born on the 12th and 16 years later, Crazy (me) was born on the 9th. Needless to say when we lived closer to one another, we did not narrow our celebration down to simply one or two days... oooo no no no! We had Birthday Month! Then I moved to Oklahoma and we rarely got to see each other. I accused her of planning to be out of town when she knew I was coming to Texas... Not true, but it seemed that every time I was able to make it down, she was out-of-pocket.
Well, I have been back in Texas for more than a year and due to scheduling problems, we had not seen each other until yesterday. This was at IHOP for our birthday lunch... a month after.

I miss her so much... sigh... When I was working in Hillsboro as an optician, I would drive past her house on my way home every evening. More evenings than not, she would have supper ready for me or a cup of coffee, or cocoa. Now, I love my sister and that is the absolute truth... One of the meals she loved to make for me was potato soup. I never told her that her potato soup sucked nuggets, but I would eat it anyway. Her company and the fact that she loves me enough to cook for me was worth sucking down that nasty stuff. I would still eat her potato soup with the greatest relish just for the opportunity to visit with her in her kitchen filled with roosters and hens and overflowing with sisterly love.

Catherine Olivia is STILL not here! O my she is really a stubborn girl... she takes after the rest of the women in this family and making a fashionably late entrance. My Kat was almost a month late and my niece Amy Lue (Mangie Woo) was a month overdue! The wait is well worth it.

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  1. wow, I just noticed the name! That is my mother's name, I miss my Mom too!