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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hootie Whoooooooo

Well, this has been an eventful summer so far... I'm in the middle of packing to move next month... Kat and the grandmonsters moved out last week... I have 6 weeks left to complete my BBS/HRM... and yes I have been sneaking in some knitting here and there. I have to or I'd lose what little mind I have left!
My Charlie loves owls... he makes paper sack owls and owls from toilet paper tubes (aka dooders), and he draws owls on 85% of the pictures he colors. I have been missing him something terrible and decided to work on an owl hat for him while I listen to lectures online.
I found Eudyptula's "Who" pattern last December on the Penguin Purls blog and knew that it would be perfect for Charlie.

I am debating on adding buttons for the little owl eyes.

UPDATE: Charlie came to spend the night and found his hat on my desk... he knew right away that the "whossssssssss" belonged to him...
No time to put eyes on the hat... 

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