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Friday, December 23, 2011

Adult Earflap Hat for Munchie

This earflap hat is based on Roberta Rose Kelley's design. The earflaps and brim are double-thick and warm. Remember MY NOTES are just that... my notes... Check out Roberta's video on YouTube! She is AWESOME!!!!



Worsted weight yarn scraps
Open cast on: 80 needles
K 20 rows
Short row the earflaps
K20 rows
Join the brim with the beginning open cast on
Reset counter to 0
K 28 rows
Row 29: Decrease by 1/2
Row 30: K
Repeat rows 29 & 30 until there are @ 10 stitches remaining
Cut yarn (leaving enough to stitch up the top of the hat, the back edge, and the brim)
Slip the remaining stitches on the tapestry needle and draw up then stitch the edge and brim

Hang 4 stitches from the bottom of the earflap and I-cord 100 rows for each tie

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