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Monday, December 5, 2011

Super Quick Sideways Slouch for Charlie

This is another version of the Sideways Slouch knit on the USM for Charlie. The hand knit band did not photograph well. 


CO 40 needles
Knit several rows of waste yarn
Knit 90 rows of main color
Knit several rows of waste yarn and remove from USM
Kitchener stitch beginning and ending rows of main yarn to form a tube
Remove waste yarn
Gather one edge to create the top of the hat
* Pick up stitches along the bottom of the hat with contrasting color (size 5 circular needles). Make sure to mark the beginning of the row.
Knit 2 rows of 2X2 ribbing
Switch to size 3 circular needles and continue ribbing for 1 to 2 inches as desired.
Bind off using a stretchy bind off.

*Purl side is the right side in this version of the hat so remember to pick up the stitches for the band with the purl side facing out so that the seam will be facing the knit side (inside of the hat)

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