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Sunday, August 28, 2011

It is Official... The Beast is Packed Up!!

The bulk of my yarn and jewelry making supplies were packed last week... I've had a bad case of the shakes ever since my babies were boxed up! I've been trying to finish up a few projects so they can be shipped to their new homes. Yesterday was Xander's 8th birthday and I did get his afgan completed on time to send it home with Zero today. Originally, it was going to be a blanket for his bed but time did not allow me making it any bigger. Next time little man...

The Beast is resting comfortably in 4 sections in a box ready to travel to his new home. I have told myself that I will need to get the rest of the house in order before I allow myself to reassemble him... we all know that I am just fool'n myself...

GASP!!!! I think I heard him calling my name from his box in the corner!


  1. Oh I don't know how your gonna do it babe, packing up the beast and no knitting for a week or two....eeek you have more stamina than me!
    Good luck with the move, priority room to get ready? Got to be the craftroom...who needs a kitchen, living space and a bed setting up, when you can order food in, sit and sleep on the floor ROFL.

    *hugs* Heather x

  2. LOL Heather... it was not easy. Thankfully, I now have place my precious beautiful Beast in his honored place. I had to wait... wait... wait... for the table to be unloaded and reassembled. THEN FOUND THAT THE YARN WAS PACKED AT THE FRONT OF THE POD!! Big Daddy had to travel to Baltimore for a medical conference at Johns Hopkins... I had planned to knit, knit, KNIT!! in his absence... Alas, he took (he says "by accident" the key to to POD on his keyring!!
    He is due this evening around midnight... hmmmm I'm wondering if I should sleep all day and knit all night... or continue to practice patience and wait until I have sufficiently welcomed him home before christening the new workroom... I so have an evil streak!!