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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moved, Unpacked... and Back to Knit'n!!

Almost finished with the move... well with the unpacking that is. My yarns are safely snuggled in their resting places and I have even been able to start some projects. I wanted some claw weights but have not been able to find any to suit my needs... so polymer clay to the rescue! 

Polymer clay claw weights (adjustable)

1X1 and 2X2 latchhook ribbers

Adult Slouch hat based upon Diana Knatter's Short Row Baby Hat 
KP .3 for the main hat and KP 1 for the ribbing

and a ruffled scarf made from Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee CHRYSALIS (Bog Copper # 112) for my dear Sprite!
Link for sweetside


  1. Polymer clay makes such wonderful tools, I made a latch tool but shaped to my hand, it is so comfortable

  2. I saw your latch tool and I think I will attempt making one next week. I love working with polymer clay. Have you tried making anything out of PMC?

  3. Your hem (hanging on the machine) looks very neat! I knitted a fold-over hem today. Sure is time consuming with tiny thread!

  4. How did you knit the scarf? I just bought the same yarn but not sure how it knits up. Thanks

  5. Thank you Monique!

    sweetside, I posted a link to a video clip that shows how I knitted the scarf.