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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh My Aching Back!!

I took a lil trip... well I was tripped... Meka decided that she wanted to go outside and I was not cooperating so she tried to change my direction since she could not change my mind. I ended up meeting the dining room floor with a goodly thump! I was getting ready for a dinner date with Big Daddy. It was time for him to get home so I had unlocked the door and headed back to the bathroom to complete my toilet (Ok... the first layer of paint had dried and I was gonna apply a second coat).
Well... you know how they say, "it happend so fast that I didn't know what to do"... well... to me it seemed to be happening so slow that I had the presence of mind to think about what I had heard someone say years ago about when you are falling... try to roll... ya know... like parachuters do... to lessen the impact... So... I tried to roll.. ummm no... didn't help... well it did allow for more of me to make contact with the floor... and twist my already hurting back.
My next thought was... "O SNARF!! I have to get up before Big Daddy gets home!!" Well... my back locked up and the newly skint knee (the good knee... I have arthritis in the other knee.. which is dubbed my bad knee... ) was throbbing... not to mention the elbow that was screaming... Alas... Big Daddy found me rolling somewhat and what does he want of me? TO GET UP! Well don't you think that if I could get up...  o never mind...
Now I'm walk'n like Tim Conway's Old Man Shuffle and making old lady noises... but... there is a silver lining... I'm getting in some hand knitting time!

Boo's hat

Top of hat
I finished a pair of wool slipper socks for Big Daddy... this is the first time I've used Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel technique and I love it!

Cat's Sweet Tomato Heel is knit in wedges


  1. Nice projects. I really like the yarn on both!

  2. Thank you Monique... Boo is a chat buddy of mine and I hope she likes how the hat turned out. She did pick out the yarn from pictures that I emailed to her.