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Friday, November 18, 2011

Sideways Slouch

The Sideways Slouch is basically a rectangle knitted on EON (30R;30L), Kitchener stitched on the beginning and ending row... gathered on one edge and an 8 row 1X1 hand knit ribbing. KP4... Worsted Wt yarn.


  1. I hope you recover quickly!
    That sock is interesting. I've never been fond of short row heels, so I started adding additional short rows at the top of the heel, to give a bit more depth. I've also done this on toe up socks when I've misjudged the math and need a deeper heel once I've done a heel like the Fleegle heel. I've always just done it on the fly, one sock might be different than the other, LOL. Perhaps I should look into this and get more planned with it.

  2. Thanks, I am having more better days... I really like the feel of the Sweet Tomato Heel.. smooth feeling on the foot. I now knit 2 at a time toe up when I knit socks otherwise, I tend to forget to finish the second one and they match better. There are times my knitting is tighter than other times depending on the degree my arthritis is acting up.