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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Reusable Fleece Piggie Pads & Cuddle Sacks

I love my piggies... o yes I doooooooo.... I'm just not much of a fan of piggie poo! My piggies Callie and Tara bring such joy to my life. Billy and I would hold them while watching movies together and talk to them just like our little babies. I've tried all kinds of cage liners and materials. I was told to use newspaper... I did... for about two weeks... EWWWWW! Then I was told that was a no-no. I researched and found that fleece is the best liner for piggies. Piggie pee pee passes through the fleece and is absorbed in a liner (usually terrycloth) beneath. This system works great at keeping the piggies clean, comfy and dry.

We purchased a Ferretnation cage and modified it to be piggie friendly. I love this cage. I can clean it easily and even roll it out to the drive and scrub it down quite easily. Unfortunately, no one makes piggie friendly liners to fit. My cage lining system consisted of laying down a layer of towels and placing fleece cut to fit the floor of each level of the cage. This works ok, but... I wanted something better. Guinea Pig Market offers Fleece Flippers which look great, but would not work for my cage needs.

Fleece Flippers consist of a pillow case made of fleece, a liner made from UHaul furniture pads, and a sheet of Coroplast. My liners are missing the Coroplast... at this time. I went to Home Depot and the only Coroplast I could find was in the sign section which was not big enough for my needs. I could order it from Home Depot... ummm but the price was too big for my needs. Soooo I am forgoing the Coroplast at this time.

I ordered the furniture pads from UHaul at a great price and the fleece ON SALE! from Hancock Fabrics

One set completed... one to go!

Cuddle sacks

Reversable and the inside pulls out for easy laundering

The cover is basically a fleece pillow case. Washed and dried 3 times with very little detergent. 

Prewashed UHaul furniture pad

Fold the furniture pad and cut with a rotary cutter. 

Slip the liner inside like a pillow
Liner inside

Nice and soft and cushie for piggie feet


  1. hello! sorry my english! i have 2 guinea pig and i use towel under fleece. i want use UHaul furniture pad, but in italy i don't see it. it is like felt? or it is like this? . in italy we use felt when we paint the wall uhaul forniture pad is similar? thanks!

    1. No, the felt is water proof (resistente all'acqua) (Caratteristica: Impermeabile). Try contacting a furniture store (negozio di mobili). The UHaul furniture pad is made from recycled jeans material.

      Try this link