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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sponge Bar

I have been scouring the internet on ways to change or replace the sponge bars on my Studio 322 and quite frankly... I was a bit intimidated. While looking for the "sponge" part, I found that I could replace the total bar for slightly more than just the sponge at the Knitting Closet.

I was impressed that my order was processed and delivered quickly. I was also impressed at how well my order was packed.

Huge difference between the old and new sponge bar


Meka isn't so much impressed... zzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Wowza. Would it be possible for you to measure the thickness? I don't think mine is thick enough; it's never been as thick looking as your new one looks!

    1. It is @ 1/2" thick. The Knitting Closet website states that the sponge is specifically made for knitting machines and not craft store or insulation foam.

  2. I wish The Knitting Closet delivered the sponges to Canada. I had to settle for the insulation foam method. But it worked out fine for me.