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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Arthritis Knitting Aid

Yes, the Crazy one is still alive and kicking and still knitting! Often my hands will hurt too much to crochet so I am working on finding the best aid to make it easier to hold the hooks. This morning, I was as usual going through my e-mail to recreate my morning attack upon the Knitting Paradise forum digest. I get lost for far too many moments than I would care to admit to. I literally have to set a timer or I would be following links for hours. Presently, I could never live long enough to attempt every pattern that I have stored in my Evernote, nor would I want to... live that long that is. This morning I found a wonderful link that I thought I should share with anyone who knits or knows of someone who knits and has arthritis. If you have this product please share your experiences with me.

Stitch Simply Knitting Aid

This is a photo of the knitting aid from their website.

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