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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Diaper Covers (Soakers)

I have been working on designing diaper cover/soakers patterns on the USM. Had a terrible headache yesterday so I went to bed around 9 PM... bad move! I was up by 1:45 AM and could not go back to sleep so here I am knitting...

Kiss Me Cate Soaker & and The Hud Soaker
Pattern: Kiss Me Cate 
Pattern: The Hud (Version 1)

Kiss Me Cate in process...

My angel dragon Neil... she was waving at me while I was working.... now just who could resist that sweet face?


  1. I'm a beginner machine knitter, and am expecting my 1st baby at the end of May... would love to attempt the Kiss Me Cate Soaker, but the pattern doesn't seem to specify ply or gauge? More information would be greatly appreciated!
    (oh, and that is a lovely dragon! beardies are such sweethearts.)

  2. Hello Amy,
    The yarn is from Hobby Lobby
    Yarn Bee Snowflake Woolblend - Color 01 Primrose
    Thank you, since the death of my husband I had to move and Neil and Ziggy have moved to a new home. I miss my babies so much. They are doing well and are very happy.