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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Suzie Q's Flapper Hat

I have been working on a hat and shoulder warmer set for my niece Leslie or Suzie Q as I call her. I wanted it to be special so I incorporated some antique buttons into the design that has some significance to the both of us. Suzie Q is 3 years my junior and has been more of a sister to me than a niece because we grew up together... usually got into trouble together and we share many memories. We also share Spooky (my sister and Suzie Q's mom).
The buttons... the 3 buttons, came from my mother's button stash. I have no idea why she kept them or where they came from before she had them. I just remember always seeing them among her button collection. Funny thing is, when I was a kid, I thought she should throw them away because they were not especially pretty... certainly not new, and they were too big and too few to do anything with.

Suzie Q Hat modeled by Eden (aka Yarn Diva!)

When mom gave her buttons to me... I almost threw them away but by that time I was no longer a kid and had begun to appreciate the need to hang on to things even though there was no apparent use for them. Last fall when I purchased the yarn for Suzie Q's gift, it didn't even cross my mind to add buttons to it. I wanted the gift to be special so I didn't use a pattern but just started knitting with her in mind. The hat had to be something that could have been worn by a flapper. Why? Well Suzie Q was a flapper in a dance recital when she was a wee one and I just have that thought of her in my head.

Only 2 buttons.... hmmmm.... Where could the other one be?
to be continued...

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