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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Little T's Blanket

Ever have one of those days that it seems you don't accomplish anything? I'm having one of those weeks! Charlie has had a bad couple of days and that makes me have a bad day... o wait... STOP WHINING CARLA JEAN! I just get too caught up in his inability to slow down sometimes and it wears on us both. Between the house hunting and my knee making it difficult to navigate the stairs I can get cranky. Other than that... all is good.
I started on a baby blanket for Major T's upcoming bundle of joy, or as I call him... the soon to be T. Major T works is married to Major T... confused yet? Anyhoo.... the "she" Major T is the Major T that works with Big Daddy and he always speaks so fondly of her that I wanted to make something for the little one...

I really like making the random stripes for these blankets. Big Daddy picked out the colors for this blanket.
I decided not to cut the different colored yarns but let them travel up the side of the blanket.

Once the blanket is off of the USM and the latching completed,  these runners will be hidden beneath a crocheted border.

Meka has absolutely nothing to do with Little T's blanket, but she is just so darn purty I had to sneak a pic of her in here.

Does it show that she is a bit tired of me snapping her photo? I think that look has more to do with the fact I scared her lizard away.... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  1. I like the edge of the blanket, looks so esthetic and clean. I like your dog, too.

  2. Thank you Ella. I feel so blessed to have found such a great machine that allows me to knit so quickly. Meka is a sweetheart and is such a wonderful companion for Charlie.

  3. I like the runners, too bad you could not keep them. meka is a doll!!!

  4. Thanks Cynthia. I think I may incorporate the runners next time with a lil more thought and planning.

  5. That blanket looks great! I have a USM collecting dust in my closet. I've never given it enough of my time and patience. You make me want to try it out again. Oh and thank you for your comment on my blog, your super sweet!

  6. Well ty moosie! The USM is well worth getting intimate with. The Beast allows me to get a lot of work done so I can spend time on handwork. I gain a lot of inspiration from your blog... your eye for color is refreshing.