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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fender Acoustic Progress Part 4 - Named & Numbered

When I first met FlyCatcher, she was dirty, rusty and unloved. She didn’t sound very pretty either. I spoke with Zero and CoCo about what they saw or felt when they held her. I got, “flowers”, and “hanging on a wall.” The overall assessment is that FlyCatcher is a female. She is not flashy... she is earthy and wholesome.

There are certain characteristics that should not be changed or altered in her appearance. Much like scars and wrinkles add definition and character to those of us blessed enough to have some age in the bank. However, even if she doesn’t sing as well as others doesn’t mean she cannot be pretty.

Had FlyCatcher been a singer, there are things I would have never attempted. For instance, I carved beneath the floating bridge, and I carved deeper into her than I would have a working acoustic. On a working acoustic, I would basically scratch or etch a design.  

Ahhh... the Zen of sanding... sometimes I sand just for the sake of sanding... Imma Dork!

Done... ish... 

One application of stain... I don’t think I want to add anymore... It has been raining off and on, so I think it is time to hang it up for the day... Tomorrow I may add a light coating of lacquer... “may”... sign and number her... and have Zero put her back together.

Numbered & Named:


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