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Sunday, July 21, 2013

File Info for Sharron

Ok Puddin... here is a photo of my files... this is 3 different sets of files. Some sets come with more files and different options. It is economical to purchase a set of files. Files can be used for small sanding jobs too. I will often use a file to smooth out the different levels of carving to create a transition between a ditch or trench and the higher parts of the carving. The brush in the photo was purchased at the General Dollar Store in a pack of 3... there is a nylon brush, a brass brush and this steel brush. You want to use the brushes to clean out burrs from the carving and to clean the files too. Particles of wood will get stuck in the surface of the files and has to be brushed out. Otherwise, your cuts will not be consistent. I prefer a file set that has a removable handle. The handle is great to use, but there are times when a handle will get in the way of the angle I am filing.

Some of the files pictured are:

Husky Flat/Curve Assortment File Set (10-Piece)

Model # 22105HD

Internet # 100091245

Store SKU # 163893

The file below is a “Half-round”... ummm because it is half round.. well not really it is more half oval. If you get only one file... get the half-round because it is the most versatile file and the file you will use more than any other in your set. I have 3 sizes of half-rounds and I use them LOTS!

The photo below shows just a few moments of using the half-round on the edge of a 2X4. I used this technique to make the petals on the edge of SugaSuga. You can make the cuts deeper by angling the files. It is best to “push” the file away from you. You will have better control and don’t go nuts and strong arm the file. The file will work for you if you let it. I was a bit squeamish at first using files, but then I remembered to treat it as I would my fingernails... file only one way so you don’t splinter or splay the wood fibers... that is unless you want to.


  1. This is very good Carla, thank you for sharing with me. I will get a set then will practice.:)

    1. I hope this is helpful Sharron. Remember DON'T LET ANYONE USE YOUR TOOLS! You never know what they will do with them... No one ever returns them... and no one will ever treat them with the respect that you do... giggle... SNORT!!