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Friday, July 5, 2013

Lord of the Harvest Moon

Justin was so gracious to let me practice on his beloved guitar. I was so excited to get started on it that I really flub'd up and forgot he was left-handed... and the guitar is a lefty... UGG!! Thank goodness this was just a practice piece and hopefully Justin will forgive me...


July 4, 2013
Justin’s accoustic was sat upon by a friend and broken. The guitar is already trash and so he lent it to me to practice with.

This is what I found online about the guitar

The Martin LXM "Little Martin" Acoustic Guitar is a perfect choice for travel, practice, and beginning students. Small, modified 0-14 Martin body features a wood-pattern HPL top with "1-style" Sitka spruce bracing, Micarta fretboard and bridge, 23" scale, Stratabond modified low-oval neck, and Martin's patented neck mortise. Gotoh nickel-plated tuners and C.F. Martin script logo adorn the headstock. The LXM includes Martin heavily padded gig bag.

I already dislike this guitar... ok... not totally... this guitar has produced some great tunes and has a wonderful history.

It has been through a lot of tough times and even though it has been glued together multiple times and is no longer playable, Justin still has a strong connection to this guitar. He has trusted me with it and I will try to give him something back.

After talking with Justin and Meagan this afternoon about their likes, I chose a falcon to put on the front of the guitar.

I transferred the pattern to the guitar body and began working my way through the laminate. The face of the guitar is sooooo thin. I know now that I will not be carving any more of this type of guitar. I will simply score the laminate... that is if I ever do another.

LOL Zero told it it is called “composite”

Named and Numbered:

Lord of the Harvest Moon

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