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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cocoon Winder Thingie

Age has crept up and smak'd me in the joints! So I am always interested in ways to avoid situations that puts stress on them (yep I am aware that my grammar is wonky). I prefer to "cocoon" my yarn instead of rolling the yarn into a ball which always seems to get away from me. A cocoon will sit where I want it to and rarely knots up. I've been knitting many a scarf over the past few weeks as gifts for the grands' teachers, bus drivers, and Big Daddy's staff members. I have fallen for a yarn that I found at Hobby Lobby called Espais A Colorfusion Yarn. There is simply too much of it to wind a cocoon the old-fashioned way (around the hand) so Big Daddy made me a DIY winder.
Top of the Yarn Cocoon (This will become the bottom as soon as it is removed from the frame)
The bottom of the cocoon (Now becomes the top or where you pull the yarn from the cocoon)
Big Daddy's Cocoon Winder - simple but effective

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