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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Eden's Fiesta Skirt

KP 2
MY= Caron - Black 4-Ply (You will not need all of this yarn for the skirt)

Trim Yarn= Red Heart CLASSIC Mexicali (You will not need all of this yarn)

CO 100 needles - closed CO

Knit to desired length (this skirt = 12 inches)

Waistband - change to the Mexicali yarn and knit 20 rows, fold to create a casing for elastic.

Mattress stitch the edges of the skirt and waistband.

Cut elastic 2 inches less than waist measurement. Insert elastic into knitted casing and bind edges of elastic.

Using a size H crochet needle, single crochet around the bottom of the skirt. Join. Slip-stitch in first sc space of first row, 2 double-crochet in next sc space, single-crochet in next sc space. Repeat all around the bottom of the skirt evenly. Bind off. Weave in ends.

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