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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Eden is a princess. Every princess has to have a feather boa... well... Meka (Siberian Husky) thinks she has to destroy every boa that comes into the house and it takes a toll on my carpets. I am knitting some hats from Haute Fur that I purchased at Hobby Lobby and slowly I am replacing all of the feathery, fuzzy, float in the air boas.

Kat wore one of my boa creations to work and now the older princesses are wanting one to wear as a skinny scarf.

Knitted on the USM

7 needles (every other needle) N 0 N 0 N 0 N 0 N 0 N 0 N (N=needle 0= no needle)
Loosely crochet cast on 7 stitches
KP 4
Knit until there is only enough of the fur yarn left to crochet BO

Carefully brush/lift the fur fibers on the knit side of the boa. Don't actually brush it, simply begin at one end of the boa and lift the fibers up with a brush without catching the stitches in the brush.

This boa passes the twirl-test with flying colors!

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