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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It seems that everyone is either pregnant or just had a wee one and therefore gasp I am behind on knitting! I am coveting a new USM so that I can have the Queen Kong of Bond machines. Until then, I am knitting small baby blankets and adding a decorative crochet edging. I spent most of the weekend knitting up some new rag hems that will accomodate the larger sizes that I intend to knit with the monster machine I am dreaming of. I told Big Daddy that I needed longer weights and he came up with two 4-foot and two 2-foot lengths of rebar and even painted them for me.

They work great!
I do love a man who knows how to fulfill my wants and needs and does it while recycling too. I wanted something to hold the larger 1-pound skeins of yarn so that the yarn would roll off like paper-towel or... err toilet tissue... The result is what I call my "Holy Roller"

Big Daddy's creation made of left-over fence posts, a dowel and an old 2 X 4
A man that recycles makes me hot... oh wait... that could just be menopause!

The Holy Roller sure made knitting the diamond baby blanket flow so much easier than chasing the yarn around my studio. Not to mention having to pick out Siberian Husky hairs from the yarn.
Katherine Olivia's Diamond Blanket off of the machine
I will let the blanket rest for awhile before starting the crochet edge. Eden watched the process all the time remarking just how beautiful the blanket is (pink is her favorite color) and just who is this baby that Goodie is taking time away from making her things? Eden loves to talk and practices talking and talking and... She was looking at photos that are on my screensavor, one of which is a photo of Big Daddy when he graduated from medical school. She said, "Pop Pop is a docter, is that right Goodie?" I told her that she had it right. She was unusually quiet for a few minutes then she put her little hand on my shoulder and stated, "Pop Pop is a doctor Goodie, but you are the Queen and I am the Princess!" Now that girl certainly does have a firm grasp on the natural order in the universe. I can't wait until Big Daddy comes home...

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