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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tam Set for Eden

One would think that since our family celebrates Chanukah that I could avoid the Christmas gift making/giving frenzy... think again! The children attend a public school that promotes Christmas themed activities and Big Daddy works at Fort Hood. Most of my friends celebrate Christmas and we exchange Chanukah/Christmas gifts. Ok, any excuse to play with yarn! and my Bond USM!!
Last Friday was hopefully the end of the parties and I still cannot tear myself away from my USM (code-named Knettie). Yes, I named her. Yes, I name my other appliances too... and my cars.
I love, love, love knitting and crochet'n for Eden. She is such an ego booster for this old bird. Any time I pick up yarn and needles she gets so excited and wants to know what Goodie is making for her. Usually, I am knitting something for her. She saw a sales advertisement in which a young girl was wearing a tam and asked me to make her one. I went looking for a pattern that I could use on the USM and I found one, a perfect one, while doing a Google search on Diana's blog "Diana natters on..."

It is a 81 degrees outside and she wants to wear her new  tam and scarf
Alternate the beginning row to create scallop
Spun Sugar Stripe


  1. I came here after seeing your comment on Diana's blog...and how nice to see my blog in your sidebar! Thanks!
    This is an adorable set for an adorable girl! What yarn did you use, and what pattern for the scarf? Did you modify the tam to make it fit a smaller head? I love the pattern and can't wait to make some!

  2. Thank you for visiting Tracy. I’m stalking your “Super Easy MK Fingerless Gloves” to make for Eden. She loves to draw and write and could really use these this winter. My oldest son is a guitarist and wants a similar pair to wear on stage.
    I used # 581/Spun Sugar Strip "I LOVE THIS Yarn" from Hobby Lobby. (I'll post a picture of the yarn and a close up of the scarf) I used KP2 for the band and KP.2 for the top of the tam. I used KP2 for the scarf and worked the scarf just like the top of the tam but alternating the starting row. This made the scarf develop a scallop effect.
    My daughter came home with several skeins of yarn a few days ago with requests to make sets for Eden's friends that fell in love with the tam/scarf set. Kat (Eden's mom) wants a set to match Eden's. I have yet to tell her that Diane has posted a matching mitten LOL!

  3. Lovely work. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  4. Thank you. I am driven... that is by my granddaughter, she seems to think that every hat must have a scarf, and every scarf a set of mittens. I am very thankful to designers and educators like Diana and Cynthia. They keep me inspired.

  5. Love the scarf.
    You can knit and read at the same time if you put books onto your ipod or MP3 player. and the best part for me is that my library lets me download the books free. Only time I need to be careful is during hand manipulation that is not too routine.

  6. I listen to LibriVox recordings and Pandora. Liquid Mind and Drowning Pool
    My favorite LibriVox narrator is Elizabeth Klett a fellow Texain and knitter.