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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hudson's Blankie: Day 2

I decided that I wanted Hudson's blanket to be a bit bigger and therefore I have started over casting on 141 needles, beginning with 3 needles in WP and adding 3 needles every-other-row.

Kat has visited my studio several times today to see if the sewing machine has miraculously produced a dress for her... SNORT! I have accomplished moving an old computer desk upstairs and pulling the machine out of the box. I have such a mess and I really need to finish Hudson's blanket and finish my team assignment too. I am too distracted by the mess that has invaded my workspace!

One more slice to knit then on to Kitchener stitching the completed circle and edging.
My mother did not knit, but she is with me when I do. She had a cuckoo clock that she loved and when we moved to Milford, Texas in 1972 the cuckoo clock was broken. I still have that clock, broken bits and all. I use the weights to anchor my knitting on the USM and every time I look at them I think of mom.

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