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Thursday, January 13, 2011


A couple of days ago, I decided to get into a hurry... a REAL hurry it seems and ended up falling down the stairs from the living room to the lovely garage floor. Ironically, I had just cleaned that floor. Had my trip happened 15 minutes earlier and I would have ended up falling on glass recycling and bins that we use to hold recycling materials before carting them off to the Temple Recycling Center.

I hurt... not particularly in the places that I thought would be hurting, but in various regions and enough to make me really cranky. I have been trying to knit a a test glove from a pattern that Cynthia sent to me a few days ago. I've had the glove hanging on the USM and have progressed to just past the thumb. The side-to-side motion has proven a bit too irritating to my shoulder.

Starting the thumb. The yarn looks like royal blue in the photos, but it is really a deep purple.

O well... I won't mention that my trip happened almost to the day that I fell down the very same steps last year. I'm so graceful!!!

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