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Monday, January 10, 2011

Who do you share your space with?

When we moved to the Temple, TX house, Big Daddy and I had to share our workspace. This meant that we had to combine our offices plus my studio/work room. In addition to that, the room had to accommodate three very special family members: Neil, Ziggy, and Lil Sami. I am forever arranging and rearranging this room. Well winter decided to move to Temple, Texas this weekend and I am chasing the light. Soooooooo that means I have to move things again. Ok, in all fairness... I am OCD. Not a joke, but hey if you can't laugh about it... I move stuff all of the time. Thankfully, I am anal about organization. I just wish the rest of my brood was too. They move my stuff and I will search for hours thinking I was the one who didn't put it in the right place.
There, now you know more about me than you probably wanted to, or needed to.
Here are my roommates...

Sami (Chinese Water Dragon)
Ziggy (on-top) & Neil (Bearded Dragons)

Big Daddy (aka Pop Pop) He does not always wear a tux, but since my computer crashed this is the only pic I could find.
Meka (aka MekaChooPrice when she is in trouble, aka Freckles)
Eden (aka DD, Deedles and Cruella DeVille)
Wishbone (Wishie) the Jack Russell not me!

Charlie (aka Chuckles or Chub Chub)
The pretty girl is our daughter Kat (Big Daddy with hair and Big John)
Danny (aka Lil Man, Dan-Dan, Dougie, and Lycan) our granddog

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