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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tator Tot is my 11-11 excuse to fondle, bend, twist, and caress fibery goodness today.

Heather has issued a "fibery goodness" challenge that is designed to get one's Mojo back. I'm in... not sure if I ever had Mojo and I'm not sure what Mojo we're tawk'n about but I WANT MOJO DAMMIT!!

Heather's rule of engagement (Yep, I smurfed em... )

1) I will spend 11 Minutes in pursuit of Fibery Goodness EVERY DAY of 2011.
2) I will make notes and blog entries detailing each day’s pursuit.
3) Thinking about knitting without a specific project will not count.
4) Spinning, hand knitting, crochet, yarn shopping, meeting attendance, class preparation, class time, fiber bearing animal and plant care and collection all count!
5) Reading counts but only if it is pattern, technique, or industry related. Reading a Debbie Macomber book does not count, sorry!
6) Posts must be made daily.
7) Writing blog entries does NOT count!
8)8) In the event of my death, maiming, dismemberment or significant illness a Doctor’s note will be provided!
9) No quitting just because the MOJO seems to be back.
10) Napping with or blankly staring at yarn, tools and books does not count.
11) Failure is not an option.

I haven't settled on my own rules just yet... I'm tired cuz I stayed up until 3 A.M. watching the last season of Dexter. My back was hurting too much to lay down. WHINEEEEEE

Tator Tot is my 11-11 excuse to fondle, bend, twist, caress,  fibery goodness today.

I have been working on Tator Tot off and on for about two weeks. When the grandmonsters are napping I don't use the USM because the click-click-pop-click is not conducive to speeding up the winding down processes. I do tend to Bondercise quickly! So, I work on hand-knitting projects and Tator Tot is what is filling my relax knitting time.

Tator Tot legs & feet

Tator Tot hands

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