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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's Project: Zade Hudson's Blankie

I started working on Zade Hudson's (my new great nephew) blanket today using Diana's USM Baby Blankie videos.
He is the spit'n image of his daddy

This morning I sent Kat to Handcock's to pick up a couple of pounds of yarn and she returned home with 8 pounds and a Brother sewing machine.

I'm love'n this pattern

My fancy schmancy weights upclose

A few days ago, she called to ask me "if you have a sewing machine that sews straight seams can you make me a dress?" She then returned home with a pattern and material... and today... the machine!


  1. Carla, I like the weights you made for your knitting but have not been able to figure out what you used for the weight. It looks like you used a large paper clip for the holder but can you tell me what the weights are and where to get them.
    Thank you

  2. Hello Marvin, I purchased environmentally safe fishing weights and bent paperclips into "s" shape so that when the paperclip is inserted into the stitch it is easy to add extra weights if I need them. If you cannot find lead free weights, be sure and dip the weights in plastic coating or paint them. I will eventually either paint these to make them pretty and to protect my projects from any smudges. Big Daddy picked the weights up at Academy Sports and Outdoors, but almost any hardware store will carry them.
    My granddaughter gives me small rocks almost everyday and I put them in little bags and hang them from paperclips too.

  3. Thank you Carla. I am not a fisherman so did not think of that. Wonderful idea.