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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter in Texas!

I should probably apologize to all of my fellow Texians... I brought winter to Texas with my big ole Texas braggin MOUTH! I was razzing my Okie Bro (Jeff Byers) about the weather that they are about to get this next week in Enid, OK and that must have opened the floodgates because lookie here....

My oldest Grandmonster, Xander playing in the snow
Well, in all fairness this photo was taken a little bit north of where I am and this is what I am looking at while I sit at the computer....
The sky was darkened and it began to sprinkle about 15 minutes after I took this photo...

Big Daddy traveled to Austin to pick up my iMac (Macalla) at the Domain Apple Store. She has been gone over a week for major computer surgery... a total of $1,785. worth of surgery. Thankfully we had purchased extended Apple Care and the event only cost us the fuel to take her there and back. I LOVE APPLE!
Between moving, cleaning, and rearranging... yep, there goes my OCD, I managed to get the grandmonsters down for a nap and since the USM is too noisy to use during nap-time, I took some time to work on my newest baby... Tator Tot!

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